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MC Health Check

Prevention is better than cure, so McCabes has developed the ‘MC Health Check’, an essential business tool designed to assist businesses in identifying risks and areas of potential legal exposure.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of a “health check” – you go to the doctor to prevent illnesses. However, the fact that you need to keep your “legal health” in check often goes unappreciated.

Legal health issues affect businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to publicly listed companies. In today’s world, all businesses are subject to extensive legislation and regulation. This legislation and regulation impose considerable obligations on businesses and companies. They range from employment protocols, data retention and client confidentiality requirements to public disclosure responsibilities and consumer protection.  Given the complexities of the legislative and regulatory requirements, it is understandable that many businesses let lay dormant legal issues which, when undetected, can result in expensive, lengthy (and often unexpected) litigation.

A business’ legal health is important to ensure that directors and officers of a company have their personal interests and assets protected from risks of exposure to personal liability. The current state of the law around directors’ duties means that it is now more important than ever for directors and officers of companies to protect their interests. The best way to do this is by ensuring that companies and business undertake regular and routine legal health checks.

McCabes is a multi-disciplinary law practice specialising in a wide range of practice areas. We are perfectly placed to assist you and your business in understanding the extent to which it complies with its legal obligations and ensuring that your business is both profitable and protected now and in the future.

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