Crime/Financial Fidelity

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Protecting your organisation’s financial health

Embezzlement, theft and employee dishonesty are exposures for all organisations. Whether due to the actions of an employee, advisor, or outside party, each year businesses in Australia sustain hundreds of millions of dollars in financial losses from fraud and other types of commercial crimes.

The McCabes team works with insurers and their customers to protect the organisation’s financial health as well as the personal wealth of its owners and employees. We have experience managing claims relating to employee dishonesty, forgery, theft, embezzlement, destruction and disappearance of property, securities, computer crime, kidnapping, extortion, wire transfer funds, mail fraud and other criminal acts. We work in collaboration with all parties, including law enforcement authorities to manage losses, reduce costs and minimise exposure through a thorough investigation and case-by-case analysis of every claim.


  • Social engineering
  • Fraud or dishonesty
  • Cyber crime
  • Crisis management, reputation and brand protection
  • Crime/financial fidelity policy drafting
  • Risk management through a sound system of internal control
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