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MC Health Check

Identifying areas of risk and potential legal exposure in your business is essential. The MC Health Check is a free legal resource for all businesses to help you identify issues early.

For more information, please click here.

MC Act

MC Act is a WebApp for unfair contracts that has been created to Assess Contract Terms. The online assessment has been designed to ascertain:

• If the unfair contract terms regime may apply to your contract

• If so, does your contract contain any terms which may be unfair under the regime?

With the benefit of a completed assessment you can then find out from us what you can do. This may include seeking legal advice to better understand your rights or redrafting the terms of your contract.

To take the MC Act online assessment, please click here.

MC Convey

MC Convey is an easy to use and intuitive application to create a property contract for sale. Log into the application where you can provide the information and documents needed to prepare the contract.

By using MC Convey, you will save time, and it will allow us to identify any potential issues as early as possible.

The MC Convey app provides step by step guidance on the information required, where to source and how to access it.

To access MC Convey, please click here.

MC Insurance Hub

We are committed to the ongoing development of new technologies that improve our legal services. Our MC Insurance Hub provides access to our Case Notes and other free resources, including MC Max and the Comparative Judgments Database.

To access MC Insurance Hub, please click here.

Trial by podcast

Who owns my body after I die? Can I leave my entire estate to my dog? Do I own the rights to the tattoo on my arm? Welcome to Trial by Podcast, a fortnightly podcast series by Australian law firm, McCabes where we discuss dinner-party legal topics, current events and the laws surrounding them.

Click here to listen.

The Proper Lookout Podcast

Welcome to the The Proper Lookout Podcast published by the Statutory Insurance Group of McCabes. In this series, our CTP experts discuss a range of topics – sharing their thoughts on an industry trend or intriguing legal issue, explaining the intricacies of an important case, and hopefully imparting some of the knowledge they have gained.

Click here to listen.

MC MAIA Toolkit

The MC MAIA Toolkit consists of a series of guideline to assist in the navigation 
of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017.

 To access the MAIA Toolkit, please click here.

MC Ready Reckoner

Our Ready Reckoner has been the industry ‘go to’ source for statistical data and other information relevant to the assessment of damages in personal injury claims since 2004. It contains updated tables for multipliers & deferred values, tax rates, life expectancy, non-economic loss both under MACA and the CLA, interest rates and attendant care services.

Please click here to download a copy.

Video Resources

Directors’ Duties 101

Experience tells us that directors of companies are often unfamiliar with the scope and extent of their duties. Therefore, they neglect to take appropriate steps to protect themselves from personal liability when performing this important role.

This interactive webinar has a practical focus; it provides users with a comprehensive analysis of their duties while also offering practical tips to be immediately implemented. Upon completing the webinar, directors will be able to improve practices and limit exposure to personal liability.

To view our Directors’ Duties webinar, please click here.


This bite-sized seminar provides a useful overview of some of the current legal issues facing businesses in today’s environment.

This course is divided into a series of chapters on the following topics:

1. The duty to prevent insolvent trading in the context of COVID-19;

2. Termination and frustration of contracts;

3. Force majeure in contract during COVID-19; and

4. Business insurance and COVID-19.

To view our COVID-19 webinar, please click here.

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